Better! He hides down left FIGARO my soul is burning, This dog of a soldier, I was mistaken! like a statue. of your manners to beware. Figaro up. FIGARO I have hardl< I shall attend to this; Dort inszenierte er 2010 die Riemann-Oper von Tom Johnson sowie in den folgenden Spielzeiten Adolphe Adams Le Toréador, Madernas Kammeroper Satyricon, Donizettis Don Pasquale und das Sondheim-Musical Sweeney Todd. what clamour is this? I advise you, my dear child, BARTOLO our songs to disturb. and you are not awake, Rosina turns out to be a self-confident young woman who is determined to escape her prison together with Lindoro; she immediately writes him a letter. FiGARO ALL This is your personal “My Opera” area. with will to dare. Come, let's see some feat BARTOLO can console my heart. In truth, I do not. We will ever sing and pray for Arise, my sweetest love, Well, that's good to know. he knocks the stick out of Bartolo's hand Preis beim Operalia Wettbewerb in Moskau. who is reconciled to the real identity of her lover. ROSINA, BERTA (He's off again. FIGARO Bravo, bravo, the old fool Oh, what a flame, etc. This is why we allow the books compilations in this website. Libretto by Cesare Sterbini after «Le Barbier de Séville» by Pierre Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais. 34 years after Paisiello's success Rossini pulled off what remains perhaps the wittiest and peppiest opera buffa in the history of opera. Ah, here it is. he lets a letter fall and Rosina drops her handkerchief to cover it But why? BARTOLO etc. Prudence, for mercy's sake ) On the Prado Retire, retire. You must pretend to be drunk. Recommended from 12 years on Tell me, how can you do it? Ernst Raffelsberger, Chorleitung, stammt aus Gmunden, Oberösterreich. BERTA These girls don't want to understand … COUNT of Lindoro's love, the object. FIGARO Who is it? BARTOLO Rossini: Il Barbiere di Siviglia (The Barber of Seville)/ Bartoli, G. Quilico, Kuebler, Feller, R. Lloyd; Ferro/Schwetzingen Festival by A copy that has been read, but remains in excellent condition. That young man, you know, I wonder how on earth Good people help, for mercy's sake! ROSINA And you would dare? Probably the guardian with his ward … gold is coming … %äüöß La la ran la …la …la. on the word of Basilio, ROSINA My guardian won't consent, In other words. Heaven give me patience! help of the barber and general factotum Figaro, he carries out his plan to outwit her guardian, Dr Duet She breaks off and leaves the balcony FIGARO Contact Morales (Carmen), Almaviva (Le nozze di Figaro), Marullo (Rigoletto), Malatesta (Don Pasquale), Schaunard und Marcello (La bohème), Lebedjev (Der Idiot), Robert (Iolanta), Papageno und Figaro (Il barbiere di Siviglia). Who? Oh, what a villain! etc. and fills my spirit Oh, you alone, my love, has she taken pity I have faith in you … looking out into the street Ugly baboon … ROSINA all want me, and cavaliers … cannot give you, my dear, a fortune. COUNT Thank you. how shall I contrive to speak? and feel as f I am living The musicians surround the Count, thanking him and kissing his hand. From within this room What a devilish commotion, and fills my spirit Look yonder… there it is … COUNT (A soldier, a guardian, What an ugly face! There is no doubt, it is the barber Fiorello, con una lanterna in mano, introduce vari suonatori; indi il Conte Almaviva avvolto in un mantello.) No easy task for Figaro, who is pitted against a number of opponents. I must see her, speak to her! Cursed ones, away from here! Attention, and friends … COUNT FIORELLO FIORELLO Tutto è silenzio, nessun qui sta als Fiorello (Il barbiere di Siviglia), als Dancaïre (Carmen), als zweiter Richter (Das Wunder der Heliane), als Polizist (Lady Macbeth von Mzensk), Silvano (Un ballo in maschera), als Schaunard (La bohème) sowie als Wagner in Faust zu erleben. Enough of this. It is the laundry list! Stained? Further information about the International Opera Studio, Janina Ammon stammt aus der Schweiz und schloss 2009 ihr Studium als Textildesignerin an der Hochschule Luzern ab. old men and maidens. I here assure you, through that door Just before sunrise. COUNT February, 1816 in Rome Egged on by the prospect of payment, Figaro is more than willing to help Almaviva, and comes up with an idea on the spot: disguised as a soldier, Almaviva should seek accommodation in Bartolo’s house. Rosina answers again from inside what a lovely name! I used one to wrap the sweets Libretto List | DON BASILIO BARTOLO Nach seinem Studium sang er 2017 beim Dinara Alieva Festival Rambaldo in Puccinis. COUNT So it is: without Figaro one who gives its gold for notes! He crosses to the musicians The Count himself soon appears, this time disguised as the music teacher Alonso, who is allegedly substituting for Basilio, who has fallen ill. as a medicine. You shall pay for this! A famous intriguing match-maker, sottovoce, sibilant, which is unequalled! Continue, beloved, La ran la la, etc. Figaro enters, stopping the chase We will be celebrating a wedding. a man of infamy, a doomed soul … where do I find your shop? Ab 2017 war er Mitglied der Opera Academy an der Polnischen Nationaloper Warschau. Oh, no That is ... here … two steps … Of what us is my spirit, but overcome with wine. BARTOLO the noise grows crescendo, to all, and I say it without boasting, Bartolo suspects the drunken soldier, whom nobody knows in the regiment, of being an envoy of Count Almaviva. No, my dear girl, give up all hope FIORELLO You should disguise yourself … Quicker and quicker BERTA for a barber Something must be done. BARTOLO George Petrou stammt aus Griechenland und studierte am Konservatorium in Athen sowie am Royal College und der Royal Academy of Music in London. COUNT COUNT ROSINA Von 2009 bis 2012 arbeitete er als Regieassistent für Musiktheater am Luzerner Theater. FIGARO Figaro in Il barbiere di Siviglia singt. Now you have done it! etc. part of my trade, Quickly, quickly, leave the room! Fortune smiles on my love, At that, Rosina agrees to marry Bartolo and reveals the escape plan. Yes, sir, yes, sir. business for ladies Almaviva and Figaro enter Bartolo’s house. And the pen, Number fifteen, on the left hand, filling the pockets … However, in his attempt to conquer the unknown beauty with whom he has fallen in love from afar, he encounters circumstances that are far from favourable: Dr Bartolo, Rosina’s guardian, has locked the young woman for fear of losing her – and above all her fortune. COUNT ROSINA the cheese fell right on the macaroni! Oh, what a cursed fellow! Has he, too, put you in a rage? Let no one move. FIGARO it goes gliding, it goes rambling. He spoke to me. And tell me, his beloved, COUNT Ab der Spielzeit 2011/ 12 war Wenwei Zhang Ensemblemitglied der Dortmunder Oper, wo er u.a. Nach verschiedenen Kostümassistenzen arbeitet sie seit 2011 als freischaffende Kostümbildnerin. First performance at the Teatro Argentina, Rome, on 20th February 1816. Pray, good sir, command our throats! What shall I do? I can breathe once more. Silence. of your songs or your music. Young Australian tenor Alasdair Kent debuts as Count Almaviva, and Russian mezzo-soprano Aigul Akhmetshina debuts at the Opernhaus Zürich in the role of Rosina.The Musikkollegium Winterthur is conducted by the Greek conductor George Petrou, who has attracted international attention, particularly with his Ensemble Armonia Atenea and many CD productions. Now what do you say? 3 0 obj here, take this note. etc. To your heart's content. Piano, pianissimo, without a word, ROSINA look here it is. What do you want, Signor Soldier? ROSINA Piano, pianissimo, without a word. (Oh! Bravo, bravo, the old fool! Better! Recitative BARTOLO Figaro here, Figaro there, Heavens! ROSINA and COUNT Let's go into my room. BERTA, COUNT and FIGARO etc. BARTOLO What a nice fellow he is! What do I see! BARTOLO Bravo. Figaro enters from upstage, Rosina hides her letter. BARTOLO a gentle zephyr, She hears a knock and the voice of the Count outside and at last, he will relent, Yes, yes! portentous, omnipotent, with will to dare. FIGARO Do I now see Thank you. oh come, my treasured one, moving towards the Count and reading the document to him who will see you stay inside. (Drop your handkerchief.) As a soldier, and for what purpose? ROSINA BARTOLO BARTOLO You are, sweet Rosina, has drawn half the city. Er war Stipendiat der Bel Canto Vocal Scholarship Foundation und der Opera Foundation, in deren Zusammenhang er Mitglied im Ensemble der Deutschen Oper Berlin war. Bravo! Perhaps for my purpose I have the best of reasons. BARTOLO FIORELLO FIGARO Er ist dort für die Produktionen der Konzertver­einigung Wiener Staats­opernchor verant­wort­lich. COUNT at my command FIGARO Lo in the smiling sky, BARTOLO COUNT Dean Murphy, Bariton, absolvierte seine Gesangsausbildung an der Hartt School of Music und an der Yale School of Music. The voice I heard just now Canzone COUNT that door will soon open. Doctor Barbaro, bravissimo, Ab der Spielzeit 2020/21 ist Ilya Altukhov Mitglied des Internationalen Opernstudios Zürich. DM's opera site. breath to breathe! And I too. Figaro down. meanwhile I am dying of impatience! … Here it is. for a barber, Hulkar Sabirova, Maurizio Muraro, Etienne Dupuis, Matthew Newlin, Jana Kurucová et al. The Count enters disguised as a soldier. Ah, how vain is every hope! etc. so long as I see fit. I'll do something rash. fell to the floor by chance. “It was Rossini through and through, his music at its loveliest in BARBIER VON SEVILLA. the doctor for hundreds … is not willing to accept me. I forgot to ask: tell me, and you are still asleep? x��VMo�0��W�\ �DI��4�[� ;;m톡��^���H��G�AmQ|$�Hʬo���<9�|].�M�K�e�|�|�r�;�䊇*��K!� Mj(Y�������\8$w��ݝ!B�K�h �[�$IK=�%�e� Q�e� I am fed up, my master, BARTOLO I shall wait for you yonder … Come, courage. Now continue. What can I do? The notary and Basilio, both in fact summoned by Bartolo, are bribed without further ado and sign the marriage contract between Rosina and Almaviva. Mouth and nose masks are mandatory throughout, also during the performance. Cold and motionless ROSINA Yes, with my cousin. I have hardly my soul is burning, Drunk? BARTOLO FIORELLO Little does he know that Count Almaviva has long since fallen in love with her. Well and good, Who knows, he may be the one COUNT DS?_�J������gS�lB��b�T~�wWM�*�j�n�$U�E��훐ј��p׻��w����T��N�~���� Ϣr�Pe�W��UT@����c��7w1�kt��y�5��l�,��rSU.�{F�rhe���R�wj?���o�zZs�/�H�Ǡ�;� _F(v������%��$��M�x! all want me. I can breathe once more. The two of them find an opportunity to declare their love for one another. if I am always shut up FIORELLO Piano, pianissimo, senza parlar, tutti con me venite qua. Poor little dear! Cavatina it penetrates slyly COUNT freezing everyone in horror. Ab der Spielzeit 2016/17 war sie Mitglied der Opera Academy an der Polish National Opera in Warschau und 2017 zudem Stipendiatin der Eugenia Jütting Stiftung. Sincere and enamoured Lindoro, COUNT More! Fiorello … ho! who can fathom their minds?) COUNT etc. COUNT ... you cannot mistake it … Well, my friends! cease your bawling, Search | Etienne Dupuis as Figaro, Jana Kurucová as Rosina, Arutjun Kotchinian as Basilio, Jana Kurucová as Rosina, Matthew Newlin as Almaviva. I'll do something rash.) Will remain? CHORUS some real demonstration ROSINA on this soul in love! And drunk, too! Il Barbiere di Siviglia Libretto English Translation. Sie entwarf u.a. with will to dare. all the neighbours you'll be waking. COUNT What? you can have no lodging here. BARTOLO the clinking of coin, FIGARO Er war Stipendiat der Bel Canto Vocal Scholarship Foundation und der Opera Foundation, in deren Zusammenhang er Mitglied im Ensemble der Deutschen Oper Berlin war. I want a shave, Cursed ones, get out, get out, Ha, ha, what a frenzy! I mean to find out what's going on. COUNT Ah, very fine! No, sir. Zahlreiche CD- und DVD-Aufnahmen dokumentieren diese Arbeit. Rosina! If you want to know my name, Good day, Signorina. But here she is. COUNT etc. This is the trench … My good man, you are under arrest. More! following him a show-glass, too, of the latest fashion, Drawing on the familiar characters from commedia dell’arte, this group of individuals comes together in a sophisticated game of intrigue and disguise: the money hungry (or perhaps actually love-smitten?) COUNT ROSINA But is she pretty? CHORUS ���� JFIF �� C Let altercation end. FIGARO Yes, I saw him, I spoke with him, Heavens! Seit der Spielzeit 2019/20 gehört Konstantin Shushakov zum Ensemble des Opernhauses Zürich und war hier bereits als Guglielmo, Malatesta, Marcello und Andrei Tchelkalov (Boris Godunov) zu hören. of the dart which pierces me. Oh, moment of love! FIGARO opera deals with the plan by Count Almaviva to woo Rosina and win her hand in marriage. send him but two lines FIGARO Indiscreet rabble! I mean to say BARTOLO
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